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When will the war in Ukraine end? It’s up to us!

Join us as we build a massive, unified response with peace-loving people around the world to say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Negotiations and Peace. 

DIPLOMACY to End the War in Ukraine.
$$$ for Climate, Jobs, Healthcare, & Housing.
NOT Weapons for Endless War.

Join the Peace in Ukraine Coalition!

Medea Benjamin's Upcoming Book Tour on War in Ukraine

Learn more about Medea Benjamin's latest release, War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict, co-authored with Nicolas J.S. Davies here!

Medea will also be traveling around the country for the next few months on a book tour. This is a great opportunity for you to invite Medea to your community and organize an event! Sign up to host an event here. You can view a tentative schedule of Medea's tour stops here.

You can also find resources here to host a Ceasefire video screening in your living room!

Tips for posting your Stop the War in Ukraine event

  • Signing in: If you have a Facebook or Twitter account this is the easiest way to sign in. Otherwise, create an account.
  • Make sure to edit all the fields: "phone number," “when,” “event duration,” “time zone,” “city and country” etc.
  • If your event is online, please add a city and country so that your event can be mapped.
  • After you submit your event, you will get an email confirmation. Check to make sure all the information for your event is correct and use the link in the email to edit your event if you need to.
  • If you are unable to post your event directly, fill out this Google form and we will post it for you.
  • If you need assistance posting or editing your event, contact [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Don't forget to send your event photos and videos to [email protected] and let us know the location of your event (city/town) and the names of co-sponsoring organizations.

There are currently no upcoming Events. Check back again soon!