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International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine: June 25

When will the war in Ukraine end? It’s up to us!!! 

This devastating war is killing thousands, displacing millions, and causing hunger, inflation, unrest, and increased militarism globally. It is not far-fetched to foresee a protracted war that goes on for years. Just look at the decades-long US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 7-year of fighting in the Donbas, and the interest the U.S. has in bleeding the Russian economy dry.

Add to that the confusion of the American people. They have tremendous sympathy for Ukrainians, but don’t understand that the way to save Ukrainian lives is to stop the war. 

So we need you to get out on June 25 and educate your community. We are recommending flyering at farmers' markets, town squares, post offices or similar well-trafficked places. If you would like to collect hard copy signatures, you can print this petition from CODEPINK

We also call for rallies or standouts at Congressional offices June 21-30, or meetings with members of Congress, to make these points.

Please post details of your event below, print this flyer to hand out, and use this FAQ resource. 

Our coalition includes local, national and international groups across four continents presenting a unified response by peace-loving people around the world to say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Negotiations and Peace. Join us in the streets!

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