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Template #1

One year after Russia invaded Ukraine, I can’t help but wonder


To date, the US has budgeted more than 100-billion for the war in Ukraine, while

people in ___________________ suffer  __________, __________ and ________.

To pump more weapons into Ukraine will only result in_____________________

____________________ and risks ________  How can we end this __________?

 It’s time we demand _______________________________________________

Template #2

As we mark February 24th as the date Russia invaded Ukraine, we must understand

_____________________________________________  The latest reports that 

______________________________________________ only underscore the need to

____________________________________. Here at home in ___________, we face ___________________, 

________________ and ___________, while Congress and the 

White House ___________________________________________________________

The time has come to ________________ before ______________________________.

We, the people of __________, can change the course of history if only we ___________.

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  • Dawn Reel
    commented 2022-08-04 19:53:06 -0400
    The U.S. already promised, and failed, to allow a referendum, as part of the Minsk agreements. The U.S. always promises to have referendums, then changes its mind when their folks poll poorly, remember Vietnam? Crimea and the breakaway provinces already had them. So sure, demand Minsk be honored, but don’t let them negotiate ANOTHER framework again. And demand U.S./NATO troops leave too, not only Russian troops; they are the only ones we have any control over.