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Welcome to Peace in Ukraine, a US-based coalition. We call for a ceasefire and diplomacy to end the US/NATO proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. President Biden’s recent approval of long-range weapons to strike Russia brings the world closer to the brink. We say, "STOP the weapons! START the talks!" The White House and Congress must stop sending billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine if we are to avert a wider war that poses the risk of nuclear annihilation. Please join us to organize and mobilize for peace to try to STOP World War III.

Sign up HERE to join our coalition.

Organize, Educate, Agitate.

Click here for posters and flyers for street actions.

Write a letter to the editor.

Tell Congress: No more weapons for Ukraine! Support a negotiated settlement now! Stop WWIII!

Join our Rapid Response Media TeamEmail [email protected]

Tell the U.S. Government to Allow Negotiations in Ukraine

Email the White House: Diplomacy, not more weapons for Ukraine

Tell Congress (202) 224-3121: Defund the war in Ukraine!

Attend the NO to NATO Actions, July 6-7, DC. 

No2Nato + Yes2Peace Counter Summit

Click here to learn more about the CODEPINK Contingent!

Resist Nato Counter Summit