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Welcome to the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, a US-based organization in support of a mutual ceasefire and diplomacy to end the Russia-Ukraine War. We say, "STOP the weapons! START the talks!" The White House and Congress must come to their senses to avert a wider war that poses the risk of nuclear annihilation. Please join us to organize and mobilize for peace.

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Tell the U.S. Senate, "No more money for war!"
Urge your Senate members to vote no on the new supplemental funding for military aid to Ukraine, Israel,
Taiwan and the border wall construction HERE
Watch our October 3, 2023 Rally with Dr. Cornel West here!

The International Summit for Peace in Ukraine (ISP) was held in Vienna on June 10 -11. Over 330 people from 32 countries on 6 continents, including members of our Coalition, came to Vienna. This despite attempts by warmakers and their enablers to keep the event from happening.

The summit was a big step toward building a unified global movement to stop the war. The declaration from organizers called on "leaders in all countries to act in support of an immediate ceasefire and negotiations to end the war in Ukraine." It ended with a call for a "Global Mobilization the week of September 30 - October 8 for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations" to stop the killing.


Click here for more on the Vienna Peace Summit! 

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