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Feb 24 Day of Action

Community members around the world gathered for the Feb. 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

Many scholars and scientists say the world has never been closer to nuclear catastrophe. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has put their doomsday clock minute hand closest to midnight since the clock was designed in 1947.  To illustrate the present closeness to nuclear war–it’s now 90 seconds before midnight. UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, called the Doomsday Clock a “global alarm clock.” Hopefully it will awaken the world from sleepwalking to Nuclear Armageddon.

The US and NATO continue to flood Ukraine with weapons and more weapons. The US alone has pumped in more than $100 Billions dollars to aid the war effort, as the Pentagon’s overall budget now approaches $1 Trillion dollars annuallyThe European news giant, Reuters, announced that Americans have been told to leave Russia. Poland is calling up over 200,000 men for military training and NATO now has ten times the number of their troops on Russian borders than last year.

Folks gathered in demand of negotiations and peace in Ukraine!

More photos can be found on our Flickr channel!

Garden City, NY

Madison, WI

Eastsound, WA, on Orcas Island

San Fransisco, CA




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