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Steering Committee

  • Marcy Winograd, CODEPINK (104,000 online supporters), [email protected]
  • Bert Knorr, Democratic Socialists of America - International Committee (over 100,000 members)
  • Cole Harrison, Massachusetts Peace Action (affiliate of Peace Action with 100,000 members), [email protected]
  • Nyabingi Kuti, Progressive Democrats of America - Foreign Policy Team (4,800 on email list for foreign policy)
  • Ahjamu Makalani, SEIU Local 1,000 (2 million members)
  • Gerry Condon & Ellen Barfield, Veterans for Peace (3,000 dues-paying members, 140 local chapters), [email protected] & ellen4pj@yahoo,com
  • David Swanson, World Beyond War (100,000 supporters; 22 chapters in 12 countries), [email protected] 
  • Alice Slater, [email protected] 

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