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Use some of the talking points below or the Draft Statement on Ukraine Escalation in letters to the editor, OpEds, comments on published articles, social media posts and radio/podcast interviews:
  • The proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and Israel’s genocidal assault on the Palestinian people in Gaza both serve US imperial interests to control the world and exploit the world's resources

  • Both risk a wider war, possibly leading to World War 3.

  • US military spending for Israel & Ukraine is draining the people of our own country of resources-housing, healthcare, education, desperately needed at home.

  • Both Ukrainians and Palestinians are being sacrificed so the US can maintain the US empire.

  • Both wars are worsening the climate crisis with contamination of land, air and water, increased greenhouse gas emissions and money robbed from solutions to the climate crisis.

  • Both wars embolden NATO, a nuclear-armed alliance that threatens global security in its escalation of the nuclear arms race.

Printable Coalition Ceasefire Petition

Printable Tabling Materials: Petition for No More War In Ukraine!

The Ukraine crisis: commentary, responses and background - United for Peace & Justice

Sample Resolution 

National Priorities Project Trade-off Calculator

How-To Guide: Responses to Misconceptions

Sample Letter to Representatives to Support Ceasefire & Negotiations in Ukraine

Archived talking Points

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies (Co-Authors, War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict; Conducting a US book tour)

Twitter: @MedeaBenjamin

Twitter: @NicolasJSDavies 

Eva Bartlett (Canadian Award Winning Journalist, reports from the Russia/US/Ukraine War frontlines)
Eva Bartlett Facebook Page:

Max Blumenthal (US Award Wining Investigative Journalist, Editor-In-Chief, The Grayzone)
The Grayzone:

Anne Laure Bonnel (French Investigative Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker)
Donbass Documentary:

Clare Daly (Irish Member, European Parliament) One of few sane, rational politicians in the world
Clare Daly Facebook Page:

Glenn Greenwald (US Award Winning Journalist)
Glenn Greenwald Homepage:

Chris Hedges (US Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalist)
The Chris Hedges Report:

Seymour Hersh (US Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Journalist)
Seymour Hersh homepage:

Joe Lauria (US Award Winning Correspondent, Consortium News Editor-In-Chief)
Consortium News Homepage:

Igor Lopatonok (Ukrainian/Russian Documentary Filmmaker)
Ukraine 30 years of InDependence Documentary:
Maidan Massacre Documentary:

Aaron Mate (US Award Winning Investigative Journalist)
Aaron Mate Homepage:

Ray McGovern (former US CIA Officer who prepared the President's Daily Brief for 7 US Presidents)
Ray McGovern Homepage:

John Mearsheimer (US Political Scientist & International Relations Scholar, Russia/Ukraine Expert)
John Mearsheimer Homepage:

Paul Moreira (French Investigative Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker)
Ukraine, Masks Of The Revolution Documentary:

John Pilger (Australian Award Winning Investigative Journalist & Filmmaker)
John Pilger Homepage:

Scott Ritter (US former UN Weapons Inspector & former USMC Intelligence Officer, Russia Expert),
The Scott Ritter Show:
Ask the Inspector:

Professor Jeffrey Sachs (US UN Secretary-General, Adviser),
Jeffrey Sachs Facebook Page:

Oliver Stone (US Academy Award Winning Filmmaker)
Ukraine on Fire Documentary:
Revealing Ukraine Documetary:
The Putin Interviews (1 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (2 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (3 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (4 of 4):

Mick Wallace (Irish Member, European Parliament) One of few sane, rational politicians in the world
Mick Wallace Facebook Page:

Template #1

After Russia invaded Ukraine, I can’t help but wonder


To date, the US has budgeted more than 100-billion for the war in Ukraine, while

people in ___________________ suffer  __________, __________ and ________.

To pump more weapons into Ukraine will only result in_____________________

____________________ and risks ________  How can we end this __________?

 It’s time we demand _______________________________________________

Template #2

As we mark February 24th as the date Russia invaded Ukraine, we must understand

_____________________________________________  The latest reports that 

______________________________________________ only underscore the need to

____________________________________. Here at home in ___________, we face ___________________, 

________________ and ___________, while Congress and the 

White House ___________________________________________________________

The time has come to ________________ before ______________________________.

We, the people of __________, can change the course of history if only we ___________.

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  • Dawn Reel
    commented 2022-08-04 19:53:06 -0400
    The U.S. already promised, and failed, to allow a referendum, as part of the Minsk agreements. The U.S. always promises to have referendums, then changes its mind when their folks poll poorly, remember Vietnam? Crimea and the breakaway provinces already had them. So sure, demand Minsk be honored, but don’t let them negotiate ANOTHER framework again. And demand U.S./NATO troops leave too, not only Russian troops; they are the only ones we have any control over.