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June 2022 Actions

CODEPINK's Col. Ann Wright and Paki Wieland join the NO to NATO march before the NATO summit. 

Madrid, Spain
June 26, 2022


Protest in front of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's Office

Oakland, California
June 23, 2022

Organized by the Peace in Ukraine Coalition
Speakers included Palestinian Youth Movement, BAYAN, Veterans for Peace, UAWM, Democratic Socialists of America. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the lone vote against the authorization for use of force in Afghanistan, voted to send over $20 billion in weapons to Ukraine.
Check out this KPFA Radio Spot on the action!

Protest at Congressman Jim McGovern's Office

Northampton, Massachusetts
June 23, 2022

Organized & Endorsed by: Demilitarize Western Massachusetts  & Massachusetts Peace Action
Congressman Jim McGovern, a member of the House Defense Spending Reduction Caucus, voted to transfer over $20 billion in weapons shipments to Ukraine.


Flyering for Negotiations and De-Escalation in Ukraine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2022

Members of Peace, Justice, Sustainability Now! and the No More War Coalition flyered for negotiations and de-escalation in Ukraine. No more weapons transfers!

Stop the war! Save the climate! Fund the Green New Deal!

Silver Spring, Maryland
June 25, 2022

Veterans For Peace, Sunrise, Poor People’s Campaign and local BIPOC Green New Deal Internship program rallied outside a farmers market, petitioning and distributing flyers calling on the US to negotiate an end to the war immediately, focus on climate and fund a green new deal.

Tabling at Farmers Market

Palo Alto, California
June 25, 2022

Cherill Spencer of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom tabled at the farmers market and
distributed  half-page flyers on how to attain peace in Ukraine. She called out to passerby:
"Ideas for how to stop the war in Ukraine"
"Sending more weapons to Ukraine isn't going to stop the war"
"Find out who is making money from the $40B we just sent to Ukraine"

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