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March 6 2022 Day of Action

On the weekend of March 5th and 6th organizers around the world held over 140 marches and rallies for Peace in Ukraine. The events took various shapes: from rallies to sit-ins to vigils, gathering people across multiple time zones to say one loud NO to war in Ukraine. Our busy website saw registrations from both Individuals and local peace organizations as everyone was organizing in the ways that they could. Peacemakers in Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Australia, Ecuador, the U.S. and other countries all showed up in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. From a small group of concerned citizens to loud rallies in some of the world’s busiest cities: our Global Day of Action was as diverse as the word ‘global’ promises.

More photos can be found on our Flickr channel!

San Francisco, CA

San Jose, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Nevada City, CA

Silverdale, WA

Chicago, IL

New York City, NY


Phoenix, AZ

Victoria, B.C

Kalamazoo, MI

Washington, D.C

London, U.K

Philadelphia, PA


Salem, MA

Claremont, CA



Atlanta, GA


Nova Scotia, Canada

Baltimore, MD

Orange, MA

Monterey, CA

Portland, ME

Boston, MA

Sendai, Japan

Ann Arbor, MI

Montreal, Canada 

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  • Abner Dyman
    commented 2023-10-06 17:21:55 -0400
    Tell Putin what we told Nixon: “BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!”