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Negotiation, Not Escalation – Ceasefire Now!

We are a US-based coalition of peace and social justice organizations urgently mobilizing to end the war in Ukraine by demanding our government support an immediate ceasefire; negotiations, not escalation; and a freeze on weapons shipments that prolong fighting. We cannot control the actions of the Russian or Ukrainian governments, but we can influence our own government if we organize and mobilize.

This war is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and Russia, and a terrible threat to us all, increasing the danger of more death and destruction, economic hardship, hunger, climate degradation, a protracted war or worse--a nuclear confrontation between the two most heavily armed nuclear nations in the world, the United States and Russia. 

We are anti-war and anti-imperialist.  Our coalition opposes the Russian invasion while recognizing that the expansion of NATO led to this crisis. A provocation, however, is not a justification.We call for the removal of sanctions that harm ordinary Russians and call on all countries to welcome refugees fleeing from war, be it in Europe or elsewhere in the world. 

We need a negotiated settlement. We need diplomacy.  We need the White House and Congress to come to their senses and stop fueling this proxy war between the US and Russia with billions of dollars in weapons. 

Our domestic needs are urgent. We need food for the hungry, healthcare and housing for all, fully-funded public education and a green transition to lessen the climate crisis. Every dollar we spend on weapons, ammunition, missiles and military training is a dollar stolen from our communities at home.

Join us as we build a coalition that is ethnically and otherwise diverse to present a massive, unified response with peace-loving people around the world.

Let us collectively say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Negotiations and Peace.



DIPLOMACY to End the War in Ukraine.

 $$$ for Climate, Jobs, Healthcare, & Housing. NOT Weapons for Endless War.

If you belong to an organization, you can join the coalition by signing here

If you are an individual, you can sign here.

Screenshot below of all the events we hosted on March 6.