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Negotiation, Not Escalation – Ceasefire Now!

We are a coalition of peace and social justice organizations mobilizing to end the war in Ukraine. This war is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and a terrible threat to us all, increasing the danger of nuclear war or a protracted proxy war between the US and Russia. We oppose the Russian invasion as a violation of the UN Charter. We also recognize, however, that the expansion of NATO and a civil war in the Donbas led up to this crisis. We oppose sanctions that harm ordinary Russians and call on all countries to welcome refugees fleeing the war. We need a negotiated settlement.

Join us as we build a massive, unified response with peace-loving people around the world to say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Negotiations and Peace. 

Ceasefire now.

If you belong to an organization, you can join the coalition by signing here:

If you are an individual, you can sign here.

Screenshot below of all the events we hosted on March 6.