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January 2023 Weeks of Action

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New York, NY 

1/14 ANSWER action in NYC

San Francisco, CA

SF protest 1/14/23


Clark, MA

Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring Youth Rally

Santa Barbara, CA

1/21: Ceasefire Street Vigil, Santa Barbara, CA

Raleigh, NC

1/16 war protest in Raleigh, North Carolina

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  • Hiroaki Nakanishi
    commented 2023-01-21 19:08:03 -0500
    ●Additional Proposal for A Ceasefire Management
    Requested Italy to provide its F-35 Lightning II-B top-gun team to conduct a ceasefire operation in Black Sea, to be assisted by Turkish Navy, in close coordination of all parties including Russian Federation, aimed at stopping a war in Ukraine, monitoring and controlling a temporal ceasefire line to be agreed by all conflicting parties.

    ●6 Points Proposal for An Earlier Ceasefire on Apr. 5, 2022
    Proposed 6 points for an earlier ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine on Apr. 5, 2022 as follows: Demands both Russia and Ukraine, equally, should abide by the spirit of the 2014 Minsk Protocol (hereinafter, the Minsk Agreement) for a peaceful settlement of the crisis.

    ii. Demands Turkey and Belarus to provide Russia and Ukraine with their PKO assistance to all northern, eastern and southern areas where Russian military forces occupy at this moment, specifically beyond the envisaged geographical line of the 2014 Minsk Agreement, ensuring a phased withdrawal of both Russian and Ukrainian military forces form these areas, aimed at a peaceful transition for establishing demilitarized zones. International sanctions against Russia may be lifted after the conclusion of a ceasefire agreement, the completion of withdrawal of Russian and Ukrainian military forces from these areas and replacement with PKO forces of Turkey and Belarus.

    iii. Demands relevant international organizations, specifically the United Nations (UN), to establish a special compensation fund or a joint committee, and also State parties concerned to conduct a multilateral reconstruction and development project, ensuring a quick recovery of local peoples’ lives and creating an environment for conducting referendums. The contents of the referendum can be jointly discussed and decided by local Ukrainian and Russian peoples and authorities.

    iv. Demands Russia and Ukraine to discuss, if the result of the referendum was in favor of a union-styled governance (e.g. Great Ukrainian Union), a possibility of NATO membership for the western region (Ukraine side) and non-NATO membership for the eastern region (pro-Russia side), and also, if necessary, the implementation plan of a new ceasefire agreement and a joint committee which may invites third State parties for verifying, monitoring the implementation of the agreement.

    v. Demands Russia and Ukraine to accept either an international observer mission or judicial cooperation of humanitarian, human rights and war crime situations, or a truth and reconciliation commission.

    vi. Demand Russia, Ukraine and NATO member states to discuss arms control, trust, de-escalation and confidence building measures. the multilateral reconstruction and development project.

    ●Appeal of United Actions towards A World Without Nuclear Weapons
    Proposing the following three measures for a united action:

    e) A voluntary declaration of a sole-purpose nuclear deterrence by POTUS Biden, preferably in G7 Hiroshima Summit
    • ‘A’ sole-purpose nuclear deterrence means a unilateral & voluntary measure addressing the dual-capability of any nuclear weapons, specifically reducing, limiting or eliminations any delivery means which nuclear risks might be arisen, such as missiles and battle airplanes, and aimed at reducing nuclear risks and the role of nuclear weapons

    f) A new multilateral & maritime-based Strategic Defense Initiative (actually, ‘Green’ing defense/deterrence capabilities somewhat), which is a joint R&D and operation, among allies and partners first, if possible, of exclusively defensive, non-nuclear-capable, and interoperable defense/deterrence capability, such as a laser-type Aegis system/ship and F-35 Lightning II-B Aircraft Carrier

    g) Rebuilding a post-Intermediate Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty which includes China

    h) Organizing international conferences, specifically in Japan, for instance, Yokosuka Indo-Pacific International Conference on Arms Control and Regional/Maritime Security Issues

    ●Appeal of A Truly Defensive Alliance with A Strengthened Defense & Deterrence Capability
    Proposing making the NATO and U.S. allies/partners a truly defensive alliance but with a strengthened defense & deterrence capability, by replacing with interoperable, non-nuclear-capable, and exclusively defensive weapons, specifically a joint R&D and operation among allies and partners of a laser Aegis system/ship and F-35 Lightning II-B Aircraft Carrier (F-35 Lightning II-B is the one which its vertical-takeoff/landing system hinders any nuclear warheads-loading), desirably in an affordable way! Such a transformation initiative, called a new multilateral & maritime-based SDI, sounds effective towards a world without nuclear weapon, too!