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Medea Benjamin's Book Tour

Medea Benjamin's Upcoming Book Tour on War in Ukraine

Learn more about Medea Benjamin's latest release, War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict, co-authored with Nicolas J.S. Davies here!

Medea will also be traveling around the country for the next few months on a book tour. This is a great opportunity for you to invite Medea to your community and organize an event! You can view upcoming events on our home pageSign up to host an event here. 

You can also find resources here to host a Ceasefire video screening in your living room!


Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies (Co-Authors, War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict; Conducting a US book tour)

Twitter: @MedeaBenjamin

Twitter: @NicolasJSDavies 

Eva Bartlett (Canadian Award Winning Journalist, reports from the Russia/US/Ukraine War frontlines)
Eva Bartlett Facebook Page:

Max Blumenthal (US Award Wining Investigative Journalist, Editor-In-Chief, The Grayzone)
The Grayzone:

Anne Laure Bonnel (French Investigative Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker)
Donbass Documentary:

Clare Daly (Irish Member, European Parliament) One of few sane, rational politicians in the world
Clare Daly Facebook Page:

Glenn Greenwald (US Award Winning Journalist)
Glenn Greenwald Homepage:

Chris Hedges (US Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalist)
The Chris Hedges Report:

Seymour Hersh (US Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Journalist)
Seymour Hersh homepage:

Joe Lauria (US Award Winning Correspondent, Consortium News Editor-In-Chief)
Consortium News Homepage:

Igor Lopatonok (Ukrainian/Russian Documentary Filmmaker)
Ukraine 30 years of InDependence Documentary:
Maidan Massacre Documentary:

Aaron Mate (US Award Winning Investigative Journalist)
Aaron Mate Homepage:

Ray McGovern (former US CIA Officer who prepared the President's Daily Brief for 7 US Presidents)
Ray McGovern Homepage:

John Mearsheimer (US Political Scientist & International Relations Scholar, Russia/Ukraine Expert)
John Mearsheimer Homepage:

Paul Moreira (French Investigative Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker)
Ukraine, Masks Of The Revolution Documentary:

John Pilger (Australian Award Winning Investigative Journalist & Filmmaker)
John Pilger Homepage:

Scott Ritter (US former UN Weapons Inspector & former USMC Intelligence Officer, Russia Expert),
The Scott Ritter Show:
Ask the Inspector:

Professor Jeffrey Sachs (US UN Secretary-General, Adviser),
Jeffrey Sachs Facebook Page:

Oliver Stone (US Academy Award Winning Filmmaker)
Ukraine on Fire Documentary:
Revealing Ukraine Documetary:
The Putin Interviews (1 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (2 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (3 of 4):
The Putin Interviews (4 of 4):

Mick Wallace (Irish Member, European Parliament) One of few sane, rational politicians in the world
Mick Wallace Facebook Page:

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