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24 Hour Peace Wave: No to Militarization – Yes to Cooperation

The G7 will be meeting near Munich June 26-28. NATO will be meeting in Madrid on June 28-30. We will speak up for peace and cooperation, the scaling back and dismantling of military alliances, the disarmament of governments, and the democratization and strengthening of international institutions of nonviolent cooperation and the rule of law. It is beyond time to address the unavoidable crises of nuclear risk, climate collapse, hunger, and homelessness, rather than manufacturing crises for the benefit of weapons dealers.

We are holding a non-stop 24-hour rolling rally live streaming on a Zoom channel moving west around the Earth from 2 p.m. in England on June 25 to 4 p.m. in Ukraine on June 26. There will be video from protests, demonstrations, vigils, teach-ins, and speakers at their desks. There will be music and art.

A detailed agenda can be found below by clicking on each of the 12 parts. More details are being updated all the time. You can of course drop in and out at any time during the 24 hours.

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In addition to being on Zoom, the peacewave will livestream (starting anew every two hours) on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In. Please share those livestreams to other channels.

Sign up through this link to get the Zoom link and more info.





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