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Peace in Ukraine

JOIN US for a peaceful demonstration against NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine.

Tens of billions of $$ in weapons continue to pour into Ukraine as inflation spirals out of control at home while our infrastructure and schools remain under-funded. Much of this $$ is going to ultranationalists and neo-Nazis. The USA is fueling a 9-year war which is killing an entire generation of Ukrainians and putting the world at real risk of nuclear war, all in an attempt to weaken its geopolitical rival Russia. We say, ENOUGH!

CPUSA Joe Hill Club & the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake invite you to an anti-war demonstration at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Bldg at 125 S State St., SLC @ 2:00 on April 15.




Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building
125 S Main St, Salt Lake City , UT 84138, United States,

Google map and directions

Can we count you in?

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