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Call to Action

Take Action for Peace in Ukraine
September 30 – October 8
Stop the Killing on All Sides – Implement a Ceasefire Now
We Want Negotiations for Peace, NOT Weapons for Endless War
Billions of Dollars for Human Needs, NOT for War Profiteers
Nuclear Abolition, Not Nuclear War!

As the war in Ukraine continues to escalate and the danger of a direct confrontation between the US and Russia grows, peace organizations around the world are mobilizing to end the war.

Cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions, long-range missiles and F-16s will not lead to peace. They will only lead to more death, destruction and environmental devastation. We need a mutual ceasefire and negotiations without preconditions to end this war and avoid potential catastrophe for the planet. 

The much-heralded Ukrainian counter-offensive has not changed the deadly stalemate on the ground. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are being slaughtered. Yet the war is being escalated with bombing, rocket and drone attacks that could lead to a wider, more dangerous war between nuclear powers. The danger of nuclear war is greater than at any time since the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

A recent CNN poll revealed 55% of US adults oppose continued war funding. Nonetheless, President Biden has asked Congress to approve another $24 billion, mostly for weapons and military training.That would bring the cost of the war for the US to nearly $140 billion. These precious tax dollars are urgently needed for clean energy jobs, healthcare, housing and more.

While our coalition opposes the Russian invasion we recognize that the expansion of NATO led to this crisis. We call on the Biden Administration and Western European governments to abandon their plans to expand NATO to Ukraine.

In June, 300 peace activists from 32 countries came together in Vienna as the first step in building a global movement for peace in Ukraine. Together, organizers called for a  global mobilization for an immediate ceasefire to stop the killing and negotiations for a peaceful settlement.

Join people in the US and around the world in the Global Days of Action for Peace In Ukraine, Saturday, September 30 to Sunday, October 8.

  • The war must end now to prevent hundreds of thousands more dead and maimed soldiers and civilians. 
  • The war must end now to stop the further destruction of Ukraine.
  • The war must end now to avert the imminent danger of nuclear war.
  • The war must end now if the world is to come together to prevent certain climate catastrophe.
  • The war must end now to alleviate the growing impoverishment of  working people worldwide, caused  by the rising costs of food and energy,  further aggravating the  food crisis in the Global South.
  • The war must end now to stop the billions of our tax dollars diverted from housing, public health, education, public transportation, responding to the climate crisis,  and numerous other important needs here at home to pay for the war.

Co-sponsored by Peace in Ukraine Coalition, CODEPINK, ANSWER, WILPF- US, Massachusetts Peace Action, World BEYOND War, UNAC, Veterans for Peace National, RootsAction, DSA International Committee, Pax Christi USA, Women Against Military Madness, "End the Wars" Issue Team, Progressive Democrats of America, North Alabama Peace Network, Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling Chapter 132, Our Revolution Hawaii, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition,Veterans For Peace: Spokane Chapter #35, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, Phoenix Antiwar Coalition, New England Peace Pagoda, Family Mediation Center, Inc., Wisconsin Interfaith Peace Working Group, Mt Diablo, Peace and Justice Center, East Bay DSA International Solidarity Committee, Diáspora Pa’lante Collective, Bus Boys and Poets, WILPF- Greater Philly Branch, Peace Action of San Mateo County, Students Against Imperialism, Pax Christi New York...

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