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Omori Zenmashi Action! @JR Omori Staion, Tokyo, Japan

9.30-10.8 International Joint Anti-War Action in Ukraine

Let's tell our governments: "No war, Yes peace negotiations!

Stop the war that destroys lives and destroys the environment! Let's join hands for the future!

Japanese government must not be supporting war! Don't use taxpayers' money for killing people!


The "9.30-10.8 International Joint Action Anti-War War in Ukraine" called for at the "International Summit for Peace in Ukraine by Peaceful Means" held in Vienna, Austria in June is about to begin.

A year and a half has passed since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and what is needed now is an unconditional ceasefire now.

To achieve this, let us call on our own government to resolve the situation through dialogue and diplomacy.

What is lost in war is not only human lives, but also the environment, resources, and the future itself.

More the important issues! More anger! More Love! This is no time to be silent.

Let's raise our voices together! Open mic action!






Can we count you in?

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