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Silver Spring, MD: No War, No Warming

When: Saturday, May 7  |  12:00 PM

Where: Downtown Silver Spring, Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive

What: International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine, handing out flyers at Farmers' Market, speak out at the free speech intersection.  Please print out and bring some flyers from

Why: The outlines of a peace agreement are already in place.

      A comprehensive ceasefire.

      Withdrawal of Russian forces.

      A Ukrainian commitment to international neutrality.

      An agreement or referendum on the future of the disputed Donbas region.

      Huge reductions by all countries in military spending and redirection of those funds to address the climate
      crisis. (added from


            Agreeing to lift sanctions if Russia keeps its side of a peace agreement.
           Committing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine instead of more weapons.

           Ruling out further escalation of the war, such as a “no fly zone".

          Agreeing to end NATO expansion and committing to renewed diplomacy with Russia

Who: Extinction Rebellion MoCo and Veterans For Peace MoCo in Solidarity with Peace in Ukraine Coalition Partners  


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Fenton and Ellsworth (Farmers Market)
Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910, United States,

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